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- Axial Flow Pump


The Axial Flow, or Propeller Pump, moves water in a straight line or with the axis of the pump casting. Liquid is drawn into the suction bell and pushed out the discharge with minimal friction and no change of direction. Axial pumps can be mounted either vertically, horizontally or adapted to discharge at various angles. The advantage of D & D designed Axial Flow Pumps is infinite control, which is not possible when using conventional systems. In addition, the hydraulic motor and piping are incorporated into the suction bell, resulting in an uninterrupted discharge flow. Complete Axial Flow Systems are available with THE RUGGED ONE TM, the heavy duty hydraulic power unit manufactured exclusively by D & D. Available in either trailer or skid mount.

The Axial Flow Pump is the pump of choice when pumping large volumes of 'clear' water at maximum heads of 25 feet. Whether your needs are flood control, field irrigation or moving large volumes of water, rely on D & D Axial Flow Pumps for maximum performance.

  • Special Hydraulic Motor, provides bearing lubrication.
  • Cast steel bearing tube, oil bath lube for pump bearings.
  • 316 stainless steel pumpshaft, longer pump life.
  • Two sets of tapered roller bearings, handles thrust loads.
  • Replaceable stainless steel wear rings, easy rebuild.
  • Cast bronze propeller, uniform performance. Cast stainless steel optional.
  • Lifting eye, easily setup or moved.
  • Self-cleaning inlet screen, keeps out debris.
  • Spin on hydraulic connections, fast setup.
  • Motor in suction bell, no wasted horsepower.

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