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AAF International

- Model XL & HXL - Barrier Filters


Heavy-duty, halogen-free filter. Optimal airflow maximizes filter life. Low differential pressure. Media packs potted on all sides for a leak-free seal. Protection screens for increased filter media stability and high burst pressure.

  • Media Area
    The extended depth provides greater media area and huge dust-holding capacity, offering longer filter life with no pressure-loss penalty. The HXL is perfect where filter housings are too small to meet the desired expectations.
  • Filter Life
    The DuraVee provides optimal flow of air into and through the filter, ensuring effective dust distribution for longer filter life with low stable pressure loss.
  • Pleat Optimization
    Employing vertical media configuration with hot melt separators to maintain effective spacing between pleats.
  • Easy to Install
    Rigid construction simplifies installation in front, rear and side access systems.
  • Low Pressure Drop
    Protection doesn’t come at the expense of performance.
  • Easy Cleanup
    Fully incinerable for safe, simple disposal.
  • Large Surface Area
    Creates greater filtration and depth loading ability.
  • Stands up to Tough Conditions
    Sturdy polystyrene, glass fiber and ABS construction make DuraVee highly resistant to damage and wear.
  • Smart Design
    Optimum pleat spacing and hot melt separation promote maximum filter life.
  • Temperature Tolerant
    Rated to a maximum temperature of 176°F (80°C).

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