BETH Filtration GmbH

BETH Filtration GmbH

- Mini Electrostatic Precipitator



For low amounts of gas, BETH offers mini electric filters in different sizes. Additionally, there are two designs aviable: Design with ash discharge screw conveyor. Design with ash tons directly below the filter bunker.

The BETH mini-electric filter has been developed for small kettles up to 1 MW with biomass firing.

The low size of 2.5 m – 3.5 m makes an assembly directly at the boiler house possible.

Built for gas temperatures up to 300°C.

The BETH standard construction can be individually adapted to the circumstances at any time.

Energy Efficient
In contrast to filtering separators, the BETH® mini-electric filter has very low energy costs. Through the usage of state-of-the-art high voltage regulation technology, the BETH® electric filter also distinguishes itself by an extraordinary conduct of separation. 

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