System Group - Central Tubi

System Group - Central Tubi

- Model SN8 - Pipe



Raw material - High Density Polyethylene (HDPE). Wall structure - Double Wall (corrugated exterior / smooth interior). Range of diameters - Outside nominal diameter from ø110 mm up to ø1200 mm. Colors - BLACK exterior (with UV protection) / BLUE interior. Manufacturing standard - UNE 53994 + UNE EN 13476. Ring stiffness - SN8 (≥ 8 kN / m2) Slitting system, Macro-holes 120º-240º-360º. Applications - Water abstraction from underground aquifers; Drainage of roads with high mechanical requirements: roads, highways, highways, highways, rail lines, etc .; Drainage in retaining walls; Landfill drainage for the collection of leachates; Collection of biogas in landfills by installing the pipe vertically as a well; Drainage in the field of mining.

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