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- Model Amnite S140X - Liquid Organic Solids Degrading Product



The product contains: Naturally occurring Hazard Group 1 micro-organisms selected for their ability to produce high levels of lipase, amylase, cellulase and protease enzymes. Nutrients, trace elements and minerals to activate growth of micro-organisms. Surfactants to emulsify the substrates and enhance oxygen transfer.

The product contains aerobic, spore-forming bacterial strains belonging to the genus Bacillus. The total viable count in the ready to use product is not less than 7.5 x 106 cfu/ml

The product exhibits the following characteristics:

  • Contains only Bacillus spores
  • Has negligible phosphate content
  • Has excellent emulsification properties
  • Has a wide range of metabolic capabilities
  • Is completely biodegradable
  • Is completely homogeneous

Amnite S140X contains fast-growing micro-organisms which can rapidly establish an effective biomass. The product also boosts the activity of any existing biomass. The product is best applied with an automatic dosing pump. The product prevents and reduces the problematic build up of fats, oils and other organic deposits that tend to cause malodours, block sumps and clog filters. The product is suitable for use in a wide range of situations including treatment of pumping stations, septic tanks and soak aways as well as addition to lagoons and other aerobic treatment systems.

Amnite S140X is a lightly scented, liquid, biological product which rapidly degrades organic solids. The product rapidly reduces COD/BOD levels resulting in reduced operational problems and elimination of malodours. The product is completely homogeneous, made from food-grade ingredients, fully biodegradable and safe to use. It does not contain any pathogens.


  • Lightly scented, liquid, biological product which rapidly degrades organic solids.
  • The product is homogeneous and safe to use.
  • It does not contain any pathogens.

Municipal and Industrial WWTP

  • Reduction of FOG/COD/BOD/SS levels
  • Optimisation of the biodegradation process
  • Rapid start up of new plants, seasonally operated plants or after shut down for refurbishment
  • Rapid recovery of biological activity after a toxic shock.
  • Reduction in sludge levels
  • Achievement of effluent discharge consent levels
  • Faster degradation of difficult wastes
  • Control of filamentous bulking
  • Reduction of fouling of membranes, bio-discs and packed media.

Sewage Lines & Pumping Wells

  • Reduction of septicity & noxious odours
  • Reduction of grease build-up in sewer lines and pumping wells

Fish and Prawn Ponds

  • Reduction of COD/BOD/SS levels
  • Control of algal growths
  • Reduction in sludge levels
  • Reduction in frequency of water changes

Septic Tanks and Mobile Toilets

  • Septic tanks: reduction of odours and the frequency of emptying, clearance of blocked soakaways.
  • Mobile toilets: control of odours, replacement of harmful chemicals and improvement in discharge quality.

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