Biochar Supreme, Black Owl Biochar

- Environmental Ultra


Our OMRI-Listed Black Owl Biochar Environmental Ultra has greater than 80% Organic Carbon.  IBI defines a Class One biochar as any biochar consisting of anything greater than 60% Organic Carbon. By the scientific community our our biochars are known for being 'exceptional'.  For lab results on our biochars compared to other commercial biochars please see this graph.

Black Owl Biochar Environmental Ultra (TM) is a premiere biochar ideal for environmental cleanup.  This OMRI-Listedand Washington State Registered for Organic Use biochar has a surface area of approximately 800 square meters per gram, high porosity, ideal particle-size and can:

  • Remediate sediments and wetlands
  • Remove 99.5% of most problem heavy metals
  • Filter stormwater 
  • Remove DOD, TSS, Toxins 
  • Immobilize biopathogens such as E.coli/Salmonella
Black Owl Biochar's Environmental Ultra, for use in biorention systems and L.I.D. solutions is a 'green' and affordable alternative to activated carbon.  Environmental Ultra has been used in several large-scale projects including municipal and private rain gardens, marine protection and soil detoxification and revegetation. We offer BOB's Environmental Ultra in 1.25 quart samples, cubic foot bags as well as cubic yard totes for large landscaping and agriculture projects.

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