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- Booster Pumps


Papantonatos booster pumps use the technology developed to fit narrow wells. In a similar manner they can be adapted into an existing pipeline to operate as a booster pump.

A Papantonatos submersible pump installed inside a custom designed pressure casing offers the following advantages:

  • The unit can easily be installed in-line in a pipe (horizontally or vertically).
  • The compact size requires little space and can be fitted into an existing pipe system.
  • All bearings are water lubricated; no oil or grease can contaminate drinking water or other pumping medium. The units are maintenance and trouble free.
  • The pump can operate in various modes: continuous duty, automatic stop-start or continuous variable speed by frequency control.
  • The encapsulated unit runs quietly - an important advantage for use in high density areas. It can operate in any environment; the design eliminates potential damage from floods or leaks and vandalism.
  • Papantonatos submersible pump program covers a wide range. The modular design allows a variable number of stages maximizing flexibility

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