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- Model Series - Briquetting Presses


The ArnoBrik Series Briquetting Presses are offered with three different filling variants, according to the free flowing property of the material. An inclined feeder or a twostep feeder permit these presses to process both grinding slurry and drilling swarf. The solid welded construction design with two or three columns means that the machines can also be used for heavy continuous operation. Each machine can be operated manually or automatically.

All presses have a graphic operator panel with visualisation of all process sequences and can therefore be integrated easily into fully automated production lines. Remote maintenance and system adjustments can, of course, also be carried out.

Transport and storage savings

In contrast to loose swarf, briquettes offer huge cost savings. Because briquettes emit virtually no fluids, simpler and smaller deposit sites can be used.

Raw material recycling

The compressed briquettes can be smelted more easily and safely than loose swarf.

Lubricant recycling

The most profitable aspect of briquette forming. The process of briquette forming extrudes up to 99% of the oil and water content. Lubricant oils that are squeezed out can be used again. This means that an investment in the ATM Briquetting Press ArnoBrik 7 is amortised within months.

Auxiliary equipment

Depending on arrangement and use, bunker systems and screw conveyors, dosing systems or weighing systems can also be supplied.

Compressible materials

Steel, cast iron, stainless steel, aluminium, magnesium, brass, copper, bronze, titanium, special alloys in powder form, slag compounds, battery waste and grinding slurry from a wide variety of materials, as well as tyre wires and mill scales. Also the mixed briquette forming of diverse materials.

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