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- Storage Metal Spiralled Silos


B.S.P. Engineering owns special machines for the metal Spiralled Silos construction, thus reaching 100.000 m3 approx in terms of yearly storing production. BSP Spiralled Silos are sized by a calculation report which fixes the metal sheet thickness according to the product to store, the accidental loads, the wind, snow and seismic influence and determines the loads on foundations.


The BSP spiral system constructive phases with double seam folded (figure above) show the simple realization of the silo using steel coils coming from ironworks and with minimum employment of specialized staff.

Any kind of metal can be employed to realize a perfectly waterproof silo with a smooth inside wall. Spiralled silos are suitable to store any kind of product: either granular and powdered foodstuffs, aggregates and chemical products.

B.S.P. Engineering, thanks to its special construction machines, can build silos of any diameter and high up to 40 metres, with flat bottom or with inside hopper, on supporting steel structure or concrete basement.

B.S.P. Engineering also designs and realizes vertical and horizontal conveyors for loading and/or unloading, as well as extraction systems for silos of any size.

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