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- Model 100 EVO 4 - Off-Road Transport Vehicles


Total approved weight of 3500 kg with loading capacities up to 2200 kg. Series 100 is the smallest model of Caron range. Thanks to the lightweight and small size, this model is extremely agile and handy, ideal for private users. The permanent 4-wheel drive and the double hydraulic circuit braking system on all 4 wheels guarantee safety and stability on every ground. The Lombardini engines - a 25 hp air-cooled 2-cylinder engine or a 40 hp water-cooled 3-cylinders engine, respectively matched with a 9-speed  or a 18-speed mechanical gearbox, offer an excellent fuel consumption/performance ratio. Available in articulated (AR) or front steering wheels (ST) version, with approved closed cab, or open cab or protection arch.

Protection arch, open or closed cab

All the models of the AR/ST Evo 4 range are available in three different fittings: from the simple roll bar to the open or closed cabs with heating system. Particular attention has been paid to this spacious and completely sound-proofed cab to ensure the highest comfort level to the driver.

The cab - approved as Rops - is equipped with heating system, openable windscreen and rearview mirrors.  

Series AR Evo 4 - articulated version

AR version (articulated) is characterized by the hydraulic steering in the central joint. Compared to the front wheel-steering version, it provides a reduced turning radius and the passage of the rear wheels on the front wheels' trails. The AR Evo4 models are particularly suitable for the operators working in very reduced places and narrow passages.

They are available in different widths and wheelbases.

Series ST Evo4 - steering wheels version

ST version (steering wheels) is characterized by the hydraulic steering in the front wheels.  The EVO 4 models have a low centre of gravity and the version with steering wheels guarantees the highest reliability in extreme conditions and very steep slopes. 

They are available in different widths and wheelbases.

  • The central joint in the chassis ensures constant grip of the four wheels also on the most uneven road surfaces.
  • The suspensions system of the driving platform on silent-block isolates the operator from the engine and the other mechanical parts and guarantees reduced vibration and noise. The result is a more comfortable driving on any grounds without affecting performance and stability.
  • Central driving place with controls placed according to the greatest ergonomics.
  • The digital instrument panel provides all the information for the proper use of the vehicle.
  • Heating system of the cab with two-speeds adjustment and directional air outlet.
  • Upon request, the cab can be equipped with air conditioning system.
  • The front window is openable. Moreover, the cab doors can be quickly removed to better ventilate the cab during the hottest days.
  • 28 litres plastic tank with metal protection support.
  • Thanks to the wide adjustments' possibility of the driving seat with mechanic suspensions, the operator can always find the right driving position.
  • Battery master-switch for the rest period.
  • In the new EVO 4 series, lamps have been placed on the mudguards to limit the front overhang, reducing total length and improving the approach angle.
  • Front drawbar hitch for emergency.
  • The bumper of the new series EVO4 is a cast aluminium designed to surround and protect the front part of the engine. Particular attention has been paid to the approach angle.

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