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Catalytic Oxidizers (CATOX™) use a catalyst to promote the oxidation reaction to occur.  Catalytic oxidation requires less than half the heat (500-600°F) needed for thermal oxidation (1,400-1,600°F) and creates an opportunity to substantially reduce fuel expenses and material costs. The addition of a Recuperative (heat exchanger) further reduces the need for supplemental fuel. In many cases, the system requires no supplemental fuel in an operating condition known as “autocatalytic”.

The Air-Clear Advantage in Catalytic Oxidation

  • Proven Conversion of hydrocarbons or VOCs
  • to have negligible photochemical reactivity. can be as high as 99.9% efficiency with 50% less energy use
  • Lower operating temperatures result in lower NOX
  • emissions, without significant formation of CO.
  • Air-Clear's CATOX™ CATALYTIC OXIDIZER Systems are smaller and lighter than their thermal counterparts, requiring a smaller footprint.
  • Our flameless catalytic electric heat systems do not generate NOX emissions.
  • A variety of catalyst types are available to optimize performance for each particular application. Even halogenated organic compounds can be controlled with the proper catalyst.
  • Requirements for MACT, BACT, LAER and RACT making it the preferred oxidation technology for many applications.
  • Air-Clear Catalytic Oxidizers Meet Federal, State and Local EPA Emissions Requirements Catalytic Oxidizers are recognized as the Best Available Control Technology (BACT) and Maximum Control Technology (MACT) for many industrial applications.
  • Combination catalytic/thermal systems are available for specialized requirements such as remediation projects such as soil vapor extraction.
  • The Air-Clear Catalytic Recuperative Oxidizer is designed to provide reliable stable operation over a wide range of process conditions - flows and VOC loadings - wide variety of processes. The Air-Clear Catalytic Oxidizer is also an excellent choice for intermittent 'ON-OFF' use.
  • Air-Clear's Custom design meets your specific environmental and project objectives in the most cost effective way.
  • Best Value Featuring primary and secondary heat recovery the Air-Clear Catalytic Oxidizer can often MAKE YOU MONEY!
  • Factory Acceptance Test (FAT) - reduces commissioning and start up time by running a thorough diagnostic system check PRIOR to shipment. In house fabrication provides AC with the ability to maintain quality and delivery control at the lowest cost by eliminating Second tier fabricators.

Air-Clear, Inc. takes pride in assisting companies in diverse industries meet their stringent emission limits with intelligent solutions that easily integrate into existing operations. Air-Clear designs, engineers, fabricates, and services the most advanced air pollution and hazardous waste control equipment available.

Meeting the new, stringent regulations for NOx emissions is of foremost concern for the operators and developers of both power plants and industrial processes. The CAT-DENOX SCR offers the best choice for combining low emission values; high removal efficiency; and long-term, cost effective compliance. Please contact Air-Clear for more information on how SCR can be successfully and cost-effectively integrated into a comprehensive NOx compliance plan.

Flexible Design

  • Ammonia source of Anhydrous, Aqueous or Urea.
  • Ammonia vaporized using electric heater or heat from exhaust gas.
  • Retrofit into limited space.
  • Vertical or horizontal gas flow.
  • Custom designed to optimize performance and cost effectiveness.
  • Wide Temperature Range. (350°F to 1,150°F)

Ultra-Low Emissions

  • NOx emissions down to 2 ppm.
  • Ammonia slip down to 2 ppm.
  • CO reduction up to 99% can be included.

Wide Range of Applications

  • Simple Cycle Turbine
  • Heat Recover Boilers (HRSG)
  • Package Boiler
  • Diesel Engine
  • Glass Furnace
  • Steel Reheat Furnace
  • Process Heaters
  • Waste Incinerators
  • Many Others

Single Source Responsibility – Full Scope of Supply

  • Responsibility for Performance Guarantees and Equipment Warranties.
  • Computer and Physical Modeling of Process.
  • Permitting and CEM Certification Support.
  • Turnkey Installation Available.

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