- Rotary Screen



The Challenger Rotary Screen has been specifically developed to achieve the effective removal of dust and small debris from bulk products such as woodshavings, woodchips, copped straw, chopped hay, shredded paper, etc.

The basic design can be customised to achieve different screening performances and outputs by altering the Screen mesh size, the angle of orientation and the speed of rotation.

The mixed material is fed into the top of once end of the machine, the cleaned material comes out from the lower portion of opposite end and the dust is collected in the base and is moved to either end or the centre by a screw conveyor. A small dust extraction point can be added to the side of the unit to keep a small negative pressure to keep external leakage to a bare minimum.

This machine is very cheap to run by comparison to other forms of dust removal and had very few moving parts, making it the ideal choice for low bulk density raw material dust removal.

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