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Charter Plastics focuses on manufacturing premium quality pipe designed for safety and long term performance. The process begins by selecting the right resins that are engineered to meet the demands of the piping application. These pressure piping formulations are listed in the Plastics Pipe Institute’s TR4. Our Potable Water Pipe formulations are also listed by NSF in Standards 14 and 61.

When it comes to pipe extrusion, one of the unique aspects of Charter Plastics is that we design much of our own tooling for pipe extrusion in our Engineering and Machining Division. The attention to design and detail is one of the reasons that Charter pipe maintains exact wall tolerances and has an extremely smooth inside and outside surface finish. Need a special pipe size? Just call Charter Plastics.

Additionally, Charter works closely with the manufacturers of their pipe extrusion, wall monitoring, and downstream equipment to develop custom solutions to ensure their products consistently meet or exceed industry standards and market demands. Charter was the first manufacturer in the U.S. to utilize the newest advancements in 100 percent ultrasonic wall monitoring and flaw detection technology. We continually strive to enhance the quality and usability of our products.

From resin to pipe, Charter Plastics Quality Assurance program is inplace monitoring each step of the production process. When the railcars of resin arrive at Charter, the material is tested and verified against the material certification sheet supplied by the resin manufacturer. Following approval from Quality Control, the resin is conveyed into silos designated by material manufacturer and grade. From the silos, it is conveyed into blenders and dedicated for specific resin formulations where color or carbon black is added. Once blended, it is conveyed to dedicated extruders that are set up to run specific pressure piping formulations.

During extrusion, the Extrusion Operator monitors the pipe and conducts manual checks on the outside diameter, inside diameter, wall thickness, surface finish, and printing. All of these checks are documented on a Production Control sheet. Samples are taken of the pipe from each production run and turned into Quality Control along with a the Production Control. The Quality Control Team conducts a series of tests on the pipe samples including dimensional testing, hydrostatic quick burst testing, tensile testing, and carbon black testing. All of the test results are permanently retained as part of our process.

All Charter pipe has a quality control code included in the print line of the pipe, including the date of manufacture, operator number, and machine number. From the print line, Charter is able to retrieve all pertinent information relative to the resin and the manufacturing of that product.

For Quality, Consistency, and Accountability, you can count on Charter Plastics.

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