ProMinent GmbH

- Model IV - Compact Electrolysis System


Output of 25 – 50 g ultra-pure active chlorine per hour. Generate ultra-pure chlorine gas using the vacuum method with electrolysis system CHLORINSITU IV Compact. Cost-effective, robust and compact.

From cooking salt chlorine, hydrogen and sodium hydroxide are made. Directly on site.

Electrolysis systems of type CHLORINSITU IV Compact generate ultra-pure active chlorine in a vacuum process. A saturated solution of sodium chloride is produced in a salt dissolving tank, included in the scope of delivery, and this solution is then electrolysed in a diaphragm cell. Sodium hydroxide and hydrogen are produced in the cathode chamber while ultra-pure active chlorine and dilute residual brine are produced in the anode chamber, separated by the diaphragm from the cathode chamber. The resulting active chlorine is suctioned off through an injector integrated in the system and dissolved as hypochlorous acid in the water being treated. The hydrogen generated is discharged to the fresh air through a bleed line. The sodium hydroxide is disposed of or optionally used by a metering pump integrated in the system to correct the pH of the water being treated. The salt dissolving water comes from a softener integrated in the system, thereby preventing the formation of lime deposits and ensuring the long service life of the electrolytic cell. Electrolysis systems of type CHLORINSITU IV Compact are especially suitable for use with smaller swimming pools in residential properties and hotels (indoor pools with a total circulation capacity of up to 25 m3/hour, chlorinated in accordance with the DIN standard).

  • Chlorination and pH value adjustment in a single system
  • Production and metering of ultra-pure hypochlorous acid
  • Cost-effective operation thanks to the use of sodium chloride as an inexpensive raw material and no consumption of chemicals for pH correction
  • Safe vacuum system technology
  • Robust, simple technology
  • Compact space-saving design, ready mounted on a wall panel

Technical details
  • The integrated microprocessor controller digitally indicates the current output and monitors all key functions.
  • All operating and error messages are shown in plain text on the clear display.
  • The output can be controlled manually, automatically (controller option) or externally.
  • Optional integrated chlorine and pH control

Power supply 1 x 230 Volt (VAC/1P/N/PE/50 Hz)

Scope of delivery:

Electrolysis systems of type CHLORINSITU IV Compact are ready mounted and wired for use on a wall panel. Chlorine electrolysis system with integrated microprocessor control and water softening system, diaphragm electrolysis cell with negative pressure monitoring, separate salt dissolving tanks with level control, integrated injector and integral feeder assembly for sodium hydroxide (optional). A booster pump is also needed (not included in the scope of delivery) for the single possible point of injection. A chlorine and pH control can be integrated as an option. Several pools cannot be fed from one Chlorinsitu IV Compact system.

  • Swimming pool
  • Potable water
  • Cooling tower