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Compact Plants


Gas feed, high-temperature flare and control system are integrated in one container in LAMBDA compact plants. This means smaller dimensions and flexible applications. Both pressure-controlled rotary compressors and blowers are used to feed the landfill gas. The landfill gas is treated in a high-temperature flare which is temperature-controlled to observe the specifications of the Technical Instructions on Air Quality. The compact plants generally include a gas manifold to connect up to 8 gas wells, a condensation separator with gas filter as well as all the safety elements such as flame arresters, rapid-action stop valves or flare flame monitoring. A condensation collection tank or an utilisation outlet for a cogeneration unit can also be provided on request.

The machine and electrical rooms are separated by a gas-tight wall. The machine room has an air monitoring system that switches the system currentless in the event of a gas alarm. The plant, flare and safety devices can be operated from the electrical room. The control system for the entire plant is located in switch cabinets in the electrical room. Basic solutions with relay technology but also complex PLC systems are used. The relevant system data such as e.g. combustion temperature, output, gas pressure and composition are recorded continuously using a digital recorder and can easily be read off and evaluated. All the values can be requested via a PC using a radio or analogue modem. Simple intervention in the system operation can also be performed via remote diagnosis or maintenance.

  • Enclosed combustion
  • Treatment of landfill gas according to the Technical Instructions on Air Quality
  • Low space requirement
  • Integrated gas analysis
  • Integrated gas manifold
  • Temperature-controlled air supply in output range
  • Integrated condensation separator
  • Remote diagnosis and evaluation (optional)
  • Continuous data recording (temperature, flow, gas quality, etc.)

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