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  • Compact Plants

    Compact Plants

    Gas feed, high-temperature flare and control system are integrated in one container in LAMBDA compact plants. This means smaller dimensions and flexible applications. Both pressure-controlled rotary compressors and blowers are used to feed the landfill gas. The landfill gas is treated in a high-temperature flare which is temperature-controlled to observe the specifications of the Technical Instructions on Air Quality. The compact plants generally...

  • LAMBDA-CHC (Poor-gas-system)

    LAMBDA-CHC (Poor-gas-system)

    Small, economical gas extraction stations that can be used with a high degree of flexibility with various utilisation and treatment technologies are required for active gas extraction from older landfills. LAMBDA has a compact and cost-effective gas extraction station precisely for this application. Apart from the LAMBDA CHC, freestanding conventional HT flares or biological treatment methods such as e.g. LAMBDA-OCHC can be connected....

  • LAMBDA-OCHC (Biological Filter)

    LAMBDA-OCHC (Biological Filter)

    Biological methane oxidation represents one solution to treating landfill gas with methane contents below 20 %. In this process, the methane available is converted into CO2 and H2O by methanotrophic bacteria under the presence of oxygen. The reaction results in a gain in energy which is used by the bacteria for metabolic activities and to form new cells. The landfill gas is introduced into the lower section of the filter undiluted and the amount of...



    The NCHC process is suitable for all waste waters with high nitrogen concentrations and low BSB5 content such as e.g.: landfill leachates, highly polluted component currents from sewage plants or process water from the treatment of biological waste. This innovative NCHC process is based on the biological conversion of ammonium and nitrite into atmospheric nitrogen, a process that only takes place in the absence of oxygen. This so-called anaerobic...

  • Gas Feed Unit

    Gas Feed Unit

    The LAMBDA gas feed unit represents plant technology with multi-functional applications. It can be used both in mines to suction off large amounts of gas and to transport biogas over long distances to the next utilisation point. The plant technology is designed individually for the respective requirements. The unit has a condensation separator with demister block and an integrated gas fine filter as standard. A condensation collection unit (e.g. 1,000...

  • Camera Vehicle

    Camera Vehicle

    All control commands, power supply and colour image signals are transmitted via a single coaxial cable. This is imperative with a range of almost 600 m to minimise losses due to friction and the weight of the cable. In contrast the crawler incl. camera head and lighting weighs approx. 35 kg, about the same as a 10-year old child. Just in passing, in times of miniaturisation, this is not underdeveloped technology, but is connected with the weight required...