Waste Water Management, Inc. (WWMI)

Waste Water Management, Inc. (WWMI)

Complex Hydraulic Systems


WWM is a nationally recognized expert in the field of complex hydraulic system analysis and design. Services are provided for problem trouble shooting, forensic investigation, hydraulic analysis and the design pumping and piping systems. Often as pumping systems age the resultant changes in energy forces result in hydraulic anomalies. Many times existing pumping systems require upgrades or enhancements to achieve greater delivery rates. Most often new facilities require design for multiple pumps operating to meet initial conditions which must then be capable of overcoming future demands as the project matures.

Typical WWM complex hydraulic projects include residential grinder pump sewer systems utilizing multiple pumps and multiple force mains, parallel force mains for main sewage pumping facilities designed on extended year life cycles, very large volume (> 200 MGD) pumping system design, water meter test bench facilities, inverted gravity sewer siphons, municipal water system pressure and flow analyses and river and levee pumping systems. Frequently WWM is asked to provide forensic investigations into the reasons for system failures, water hammer, vibration, cavitation, negative pressure variances, siphon effects, air entrainment and other hydraulic irregularities.

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