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Powerful, portable suction performance for the heavier workload. The industrial cleaning machine DISAB CompVac™ is ideal for removing large quantities of material, from dust to 50 mm debris, and is easily moved using a forklift or crane.

  • The high performance is achieved via the CompVac™’s side channel exhauster, operating through a filter separator fitted with a treated needle-felt filter cassettes.
  • The combined power pack and filter assembly forms the heart of the unit, and is fitted with an integral 0.7 m3 hopper.
  • Fast and dust-free collection is made directly into the hopper through flexible operating  hoses.
  • When filled, the hopper can be easily discharged into an existing skip or container, onto a conveyor belt etc.

COMPVAC is an electrical powered suction unit mounted on a rigid stand equipped with retractable legs. COMPVAC is designed for mobile use and for such cases when collection of material into open skip or container is requested. The unit is primarily used for rental applications, but is also suitable for fixed installations.

COMPVAC is an electrical powered suction unit mounted on a rigid stand equipped with retractable legs. The retractable legs make it easy to adjust the discharge outlet height over ground, to fit the type of open skip or container the customer prefer to use. The unit is in most applications used as a free standing suction unit, only with the connection of a 3” or 4” hose. However the unit is also suitable for fixed installations, connected to a fixed installed pipe system with multiple suction outlets.

  • Robust unit for temporary mobile use
  • Manual discharge into any type of open skip.
  • Power alternatives 12,5 or 16,5 kW
  • CEE power intake for 32 or 63 A respectively
  • Filter system for dry and moist material
  • Automatically ATM filter cleaning system, no compressed air
  • Complete start/stop and controls system
  • Retractable legs
  • Various options of safety filters

A common fork lift is usually available at most industrial companies and this is normally what is used for site transportation of the unit. Also normally customer owned skips for open collection of material are available. As the unit is designed with a sharp angled internal hopper, and equipped with a side mounted door for discharge, collected material is easily sliding out of the unit at discharge.

This is why COMPVAC is a suitable choice when large amount of material shall be vacuumed. The high suction capacity together with its flexible discharge system makes the unit very useful in most vacuum cleaning situations. Due to its flexibility the COMPVAC units also gets access to most areas where cleaning needs to be carried out without the use of fixed pipe network.

The vacuumed material is first separated in a special designed fall chamber hopper with inlet wear protection. In this section all heavier or larger material will by gravity fall into the bottom of the hopper. From this section the air stream will continue to the main filter system, where the remaining fine airborne dust will be separated. Collected material from both the above sections is commonly collected in the conical hopper in the unit. Discharge of material is made via the manual operated side door at the side of the hopper.

Cleaning of filters is automatically and executed by a filter cleaning valve (ATM) located between the filter and the vacuum pump. When this valve is activated and opens up, a counter flow of air is sucked in backwards trough the filter bags, thus cleaning all filter bags simultaneously in a very short period. There after the valve is closed again. Cleaning intervals are normally each 30 minutes, and lasting for only app. 20 seconds after which full vacuum is restored. This valve also ensures that when the unit is started it starts unloaded, and vacuum load is introduced app. 10 seconds after start.

All functions for the operation of the unit is controlled from the built in electrical panel.

COMPVAC is in first hand designed for temporary vacuum/ cleaning needs, where the vacuumed material shall be collected in open skips or container. At the same time the unit shall be robust, powerful and easy to transport at site. The unit is aimed for general cleaning, collection of spillages, or similar.

Concrete- and cement industry, chemical industry, steel- and aluminium works, paper- and pulp industry, sawmills, wood pellets, plastic industry, shot blasting- and surface treatment industry, bakeries, incineration- and power plants, etc.

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