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Hynds Pipe Systems Limited

Concrete Troughs



Durable Hynds Precast Concrete Troughs are available in a large range of shapes and sizes to suit small lifestyle blocks through to large multi-farm operations. A full range of trough fittings, floats and ballcocks are available. With or without Ballcock protector covers.

Hynds supply a wide range of steel reinforced precast concrete troughs.

A comprehensive range of trough accessories is including ballcocks, floats, pipes & fittings are available.

Water Troughs

Protector Troughs

Supplied with side entry fittings for ease of installation and maintenance.

  • No Back Siphoning
  • Volumetric Capacity 450 litre & 1365 litre

Feed Troughs

Hynds feed troughs are strong and versatile. Constructed out of precast reinforced concrete, a wide variety of shapes and sizes is available to suit all applications. Hynds branches also cany all necessary feed trough accessories.

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