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  • Drainage

    Hynds Pipe Systems is New Zealand’s leading supplier of drainage solutions for all drainage applications, from major infrastructure contracts, subdivisions and commercial developments, to farm improvements and DIY projects. Whatever you require, we either have it in stock or can get it for you.

  • Hynds HYSPEC - Spun Rubber Ring Joint Pipes

    Hynds HYSPEC - Spun Rubber Ring Joint Pipes

    Hynds HYSPEC Spun Rubber Ring Joint (RRJ) Pipe can perform in a wide range of New Zealand conditions, from marine installations with constant wetting and drying, to high loading installations underneath highways and deep embankments. Designed to AS/NZS 4058 and available in all class strengths, Available in sizes DN225-1800mm diameters.

  • Keramo - Earthenware Pipe

    Keramo - Earthenware Pipe

    Keramo offers a recyclable, hard wearing, strong, impregnable pipe system with durability of kiln fired vitrified clay. Ideal for use in harsh or chemical environments. Rubber ring joint walled vitrified glazed clay pipe is available in a range of DN100-1400mm diameters. Spigoted/socket jointing system with polyurethane and SBR rubber sealing rings.

  • Rural

    Hynds Rural specialise in providing a total solution to rural infrastructure requirements. As well as supplying drainage products, water reticulation pipe, tanks and troughs, Hynds Rural is dedicated to developing innovative solutions that satisfy environmental compliance regulations. These include a leach free effluent management system, precast bridges, underpasses & stock control products. Hynds rural is a trading branch of Hynds Pipe Systems Limited. With 30 branches nationwide and spec

  • Concrete Troughs

    Concrete Troughs

    Durable Hynds Precast Concrete Troughs are available in a large range of shapes and sizes to suit small lifestyle blocks through to large multi-farm operations. A full range of trough fittings, floats and ballcocks are available. With or without Ballcock protector covers.

  • Water

    Hynds Water offers a complete solution for all municipal and industrial reticulation systems. Our extensive range includes a full range of pipe, valves and fittings for every application. Our dedicated technical team can provide expert knowledge and assistance whilst our nationwide branch network offers local stock and product availability.

  • Model PE - Polyethylene Pipe

    Model PE - Polyethylene Pipe

    Hynds Water offers a complete range of polyethylene pipe systems for both pressure and drainage applications. All polyethylene pipe and fittings (PE80 and PE100) are manufactured in accordance with relevant standards including AS/NZS 4130 and AS/NZS 4129.

  • Process

    Hynds Process was established to provide “pipe solutions for industry”. Our experienced team offers product solutions and technical expertise for industrial process applications, including water and waste water treatment, chemical process, food and beverage, power generation, and mechanical services. Hynds Process supply products that are sourced from the world’s leading manufacturers ensuring the highest quality solutions for the most demanding applications.

  • ABS Industrial Pipe System

    ABS Industrial Pipe System

    ABS Industrial is a lightweight thermoplastic piping system that offers excellent strength and durability even at temperatures down to - 40°C. This complete system solution offers an extensive product range from 15 to 300mm (NB) and a 50 year design life. The quick and simple solvent cement jointing system, together with it’s excellent corrosion and abrasion resistance have made ABS the material of choice for many applications including...

Products by NOAQ Flood Protection AB

  • Boxpool - Model BP - Temporary Basin

    Boxpool - Model BP - Temporary Basin

    The NOAQ Boxpool is a temporary basin for storing liquids of different kinds. Clean water, contaminated water, firewater, dredged material etc. It can also be used for temporarily storage of dry matter like sawdust, wood chips and pellets.