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- Model ET-Companion - Condenser



When installed with an EVAPORATIVE TANK™, the ET-Companion Condenser removes water from the evaporator's air exhaust and returns it in the form of distilled water for reuse. The dry air is returned to the EVAPORATIVE TANK™ to work again.

  • No more holes in your roof for exhaust ducting. No need for permits from air quality people; this is a completely closed-loop air system.
  • Recovers all water that is evaporated. Today's regulations require recovery of resources wherever possible. It makes economic sense, and removes the need for permits. Reuse your rinse water.
  • Eliminates the air make-up problem. The same air is used over and over again. No need to heat or air condition replacement air - saving thousands of dollars.

Base Unit with Fan: 37' W, 54' L, 55'
Height With Connection Ducts: 76'

Dry with Ducts: 400 lbs.
Crated with Ducts: 450 lbs.

Fan H.P.: 1-1/2

Fan Current:
115 V.A.C: 13 AMPS
230,3Ø: 3.75
460,3Ø: 1.88

Cooling Water:
Maximum Flow: 58 gpm
Inlet Temperature: 80F or cooler
Pressure Drop: 4.8 ft.
Water Connections: 2' M.P.T.

Condenser Coil:
Copper Coils and aluminum fins have a ElectroFin coating that is resistent to practically all corrosive atmospheres

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