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- Model DC4500 Series - Conductivity Controller



The LIQUITRON DC4500 Series Conductivity Controller is a microprocessor-based control system that will operate in a variety of water treatment applications. The DC4500 controller provides a set point and relay for conductivity control with a variety of timer functions to control chemical addition, including dual biocides. Pumps may be controlled in either ON/OFF or external trigger mode. Controller programming is intuitive and requires only three keys. The backlit LCD display provides a visual indication of operating conditions and equipment status to give you the most control over your water treatment process.

  • 0-20,000 µS control range
  • Display units in µS or in PPM/TDS
  • Temperature display in °C or °F
  • High and low alarm with output relay
  • Water meter totalizer (gallons/liters)
  • 4-20 mA recorder output (standard)
  • Flow switch compatible (N.O. or N.C.)

    • Pulse (External trigger)
      1-999 seconds run-time, 1-100 count
    • % of Time
      1-100 minute cycle, 1%-100% on-time
    • Limit (Feed and Bleed)
      1-999 minute limit
    • % of Bleed (Feed after Bleed)
      1%-100% of bleed time
    • With limit of
      1-999 minute limit

  • Cooling Towers

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