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Are you planning to install Emissions Monitoring or do you have a requirement for Gas Analysis? Lowe Engineering's great experience in systems for these two fields could save you money and give you peace of mind.


Lowe is not aligned to any manufacturer for the analysers allowing them to tailor the system to the clients exact requirements by using the analysers that, from their experience, are the best for the particular job, thus providing the most cost effective solution.

Profit From Our Experience

Environmental legislation (EN14181, LCPD, WID, HWID, QAL2, Fully Automated QAL3 application of ELV's is becoming increasingly complex. To demonstrate tighter emissions compliance, companies need to demonstrate reliable measurement methods.

Lowe Engineering combine leading edge gas analyser technology from manufacturers of proven quality instruments with Lowe's long experience of systems integration. Along with Lowe's internationally proven contract management experience, this provides a turnkey service to the customer.

This experience offers proven solutions for environmental monitoring and gas applications. This includes emissions monitoring for power generation burning all types of fuel and in all types of plant, municipal, clinical, chemical and industrial waste incineration processes, package boilers etc. Gas analysis covers all the process applications across a wide range of industries.

Efficient Emissions or Gas Analysis Performance

Wherever effective emissions monitoring or Gas analysis is required Lowe can offer systems renowned for reliability, repeatability, and ease of use with low cost of ownership. Only proven analysers that Lowe have found, from experience, to give unrivalled performance for the detection of emissions gasses such as CO, HCl, Nox and Sox are used in the systems.

Lowe's comprehensive systems capability links purpose designed Environmental Software, CEMData, to gas flows, dust sensors and temperature measurement devices etc.


Contract Management Business of Turnkey Systems

Customers can be certain of the most reliable, efficient and cost-effective turnkey solution from the outset. This is what Lowe Engineering provides; its contract management capability is proven in installations worldwide.

The company's experience has evolved through complex international projects for specialised installations for more than half a century.

Lowe concentrates on programme management and procurement. Project co-ordination, resource management and document controls are all core skills. We use the contract management team best suited to solve your specific emissions monitoring problem. At the outset you are assured of a complete solution from a leading, reputable company.

System Design and Manufacture

Lowe is dedicated to systems integration. It ensures monitoring / measuring equipment is fully compatible with existing data acquisition, SCADA and other plant management systems maximising your existing investment in computer controlled plant.

Project teams of chemical, mechanical and electrical engineers are supported by Lowe's own extensive computer and CAD facilities and manufacturing plant. With ISO 9001-2008 you are assured of stringent quality procedures throughout every stage of the project.

Installation and Commissioning

Systems installation can be riddled with tortuous processes. Lowe eliminates these with your contract manager steering you smoothly through each stage.

Starting with outline discussions and design, these include pre-delivery inspections, installation and service connections, run up commissioning, client acceptance testing and staff training and submission of full supporting documentation.

Lowe searches for original solutions using a proven approach to deliver what you the customer, want.

Making Service and Maintenance Profit Contributors

Modern commercial pressures demand more than technological expertise from contract management companies. They need to provide complete business solutions.

Lowe's ISO 9001-2008 measured solutions ensure routine servicing, system overhauls, and maintenance schedules avoid overworked plant, unplanned stoppages, and minimum planed servicing interruptions.

If you seek lower operating costs, Lowe gives you a sharper commercial edge.

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