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Extraction CEMS are the most commonly used CEMS today. They are accurate and reliable to very low pollutant levels (single digit ppm). Today's Extraction CEMS are built to run 24/7, 365 days a year. Given the right stack conditions, they are easy to operate and maintain.

As the name implies, a sample is 'extracted' from a stack or duct using a pump. The sample is maintained at it's stack temperature as it's transported down the stack to the analyzer cabinet so that no moisture condenses. Before the sample is introduced into the analyzer it is cooled and the moisture is removed using a thermo-electric chiller (or sample conditioner). After the sample conditioner, the sample is dry and ready to be measured in the analyzers.

Extraction CEMS have been used for 30+ years for the widest variety of pollutant gases including NOx, SOx, CO, NH3, THC and more. They are used in almost any type of application, and most commonly in newer installations where low pollutant levels are expected (gas boilers and turbines for example).

Monitoring Solutions builds a superior Extraction CEMS utilizing top quality components to minimize maintenance and maximize reliability like; PermaPure/Baldwin probes and sample conditioners, and California Analytical and Thermo Environmental analyzers. Add our CEMDAS and you have a complete system to meet your compliance monitoring requirements.

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