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- Model HI 1756-FC - Weigh Feeder Control Module



Used in new applications, or to retrofit volumetric feeders or replace outdated controllers in gravimetric systems, the singlescale HI 1756-FC weigh feeder control module mounts directly into your Allen-Bradley ControlLogix chassis. By using the PLC rack I/O, it can control many feeding devices, such as auger, vibratory and belt-based feeders, as well as your proprietary designs.

Two bi-color LEDs on the front panel of the module report functional characteristics. Being a true ControlLogix module, the HI 1756-FC supports removal and insertion under power.

Multiple Feeder Control
The HI 1756-FC is a powerful building block when it comes to multiple feeder systems. It can be a slave to other process inputs through the PLC processor.

Worry-Free Operation
The HI 1756-FC feeder control module will watch your process and notify you of problems. Prompts on your system’s HMI display and PLC alarm relay outputs occur with tolerance errors and other failures. By entering specific control parameters, you decide at which levels to alarm or shut down the application.

Automatic Weight And Rate Calibration
A five-point auto rate calibration automatically allows the module to calibrate itself to the characteristics of the feeder and the material being fed. This allows for a higher feed accuracy over a broader range of feed rates.

C2 Electronic Calibration
C2 enables electronic calibration of the weigh system without test weights. This saves you system start-up costs and aggravation. Of course, even if C2 certified load sensors are not used, the system can still be calibrated the slow, traditional way using certified test weights.

Waversaver ignores vibration and mechanical noise in feeders and the plant environment by permitting the weigh module to “see” through the unwanted vibration signals - as low as 0.25Hz - while yielding a stable actual reading.

Integrated Technician
Integrated Technician, used in conjunction with an IT junction box, provides built-in system diagnostics that enable you to troubleshoot and diagnose your weighing system. You can read individual load sensor voltages and weights, make comparisons, and isolate individual system components for quick and easy troubleshooting.

Process Weighing

  • Gravimetric Feeding
  • Continuous and Batch Rate Control

Provided from the backplane of the rack

Backplane Current
< 1 Amp @ 5Vdc 5W
<0.0125 Amp 0.3W @ 24Vdc with four 350 ohm L.C.

Keeps track of the amount of ingredient dispensed

Time Units
Seconds, minutes and hours

Units of Measure
lb, oz, ton, kg, g, mt

Batch, continuous

Signal: -2.5mV through +17.56mVdc
Sense: + 5Vdc
C2, Electronic Calibration

Excitation 5Vdc to +8.75Vdc

Common Mode Rejection
100dB at or below 60Hz (minimum)

Internal, 1:8,388,608

Conversion Rate
50 updates per second

1-255 user selectable in single increments

Vibration Frequency Rejection
0.25 Hz and above in 5 selectable steps, and OFF

I/O Chassis Location
Any single I/O chassis slot

Environmental Conditions
Operating Temperature: 0 to 60°C (32 to 140°F)
Storage Temperature: -40 to 85°C (-40 to 185°F)

Relative Humidity
5 to 95% (non-condensing)

Weighing Modes
Net, Gross

Calibration Techniques
Electronic (C2)
Traditional (test weights)

Automatic Rate Calibration

1.1 lb (0.5kg)

'OK', Module Status, LED
'Scale 1”, Functional Data, LED

CE (pending)

Two-year warranty against defects in workmanship


Remote Termination Assembly (-RTA)
The weigh scale module optional Remote Termination Assembly provides connection points between the cable assembly to the module and individual wires from the junction box, or load sensors, of up to two scales. The RTA is designed for standard DIN mounting rails or standoffs. With an HI 1756-RTA configuration, the weigh scale modules can be replaced without disturbing the wiring.

Cable (-C6)
Hardy provides an optional 6-foot cable assembly from the weigh scale module to the remote termination assembly.

Options Ordering
Options can be ordered at the same time the module is ordered by adding the dash designators to the end of the module number.

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