In connection with the solutions we are supplying, we use conveyors from some of the best suppliers in the field e.g. JTT from Denmark. For instance, conveyors to feed the balers or the shredders or the conveyor systems to connect a line of different single machines. For Balers: A typical conveyor for a baler is a conveyor with a heavy-duty rubber belt mounted with flights and with a heavy-duty “gooseneck” design. Inclined angle is max. 32 degrees. The discharge end is angled 10 degrees towards the floor to guide the product into the hopper thereby avoiding clogging up the hopper. For Shredders: Depending on the size of the product to be shred, we use both straight and “gooseneck” designed conveyors. Usually, we use heavy-duty rubber belts mounted with flights. For hazardous products e.g. buckets with chemicals, oil filters, etc. we use modular plastic belts and stainless steel frames.

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