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Cooling Tower Silencers



We supply you with powerful silencers for cooling towers of every type of design. We have the appropriate solution for your project or we will work it out together with you. Our customer-specific splitter systems are adjusted to your situation on a customised basis and aligned to the pre-specified process conditions.

In this case we take into account your installation space, your required pressure drop and in doing so achieve the acoustic values demanded. The many years of experience of our engineers and technicians enable us to develop tailor-made concepts. With the help of our company’s own software we can simulate and calculate different concepts at short notice.

We prepare for you the best possible splitter configurations as regards material, installation and optimum acoustic design. At the same time we take into consideration in the development process the best possible ratio of costs and dimensioning while meeting all of the technical constraints.

The splitter rotation system developed and patented by us makes it possible for us to adjust the cooling tower to changing environmental conditions and to flexibly realign your equipment.

On the basis of our experience we can already at an early stage join your planning and in that way ensure result-orientated cooperation.

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