Glasco Ultraviolet

- Model IL-CT Series - Cooling Tower UV Disinfection System


The IL-CT Series is used to disinfect cooling tower waters and is effective at legionella control.   UV light is an excellent technology for cooling tower water disinfection. UV works on all microorganisms but there are chlorine resistant microorganisms. Replace expensive primary biocide equipment with relatively low cost UV and secondary residual

Cooling towers and recirculation loops are considered heat rejection systems. They move heat to the atmosphere through the cooling of water to a lower temperature. Some common applications for cooling towers are air-conditioning systems, water-cooling of equipment and general manufacturing needs.

The type of heat rejection in a cooling tower is defined as “evaporative” in that it allows a small portion of the water being cooled to evaporate into a moving air stream to provide significant cooling to the rest of that water stream.

As this happens, the cooling towers become efficient air cleaners (scrubbers). This process allows airborne contaminants and particles to become deposited into the cooling water. This, combined with the contaminants in the feed water, creates an environment for microorganism growth, solid deposits and scaling.

Microorganisms tend to thrive in the re-circulated water and on wet surfaces. Bacteria, slime and algae foul heat– exchanger surfaces and in some cases attack and destroy system components.

  • Wide range of products
  • Reduces biocides
  • Integration into building systems
  • Small footprint
  • High output or Amalgam lamps
  • UV monitoring system

  • Manual quartz sleeve cleaning
  • Communication systems for building management

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