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Cooling Towers And Evaporative Condenser


Cooling circuits that use self-cooling towers are subject to multiple issues: scaling, corrosion, biofilm or the development of micro-organisms such as the legionella pneumophila bacteria. Top-up water treatment by softening, partial or total demineralisation, acidification or chemical treatment may resolve these problems.

'Decree of 13th December 2004 which applies of full right to cooling installations with air flow water dispersal subject to declaration or authorisation under section 2921 of the ICPE nomenclature. '

TRESCH implements complete cooling tower water treatment solutions:

Technical and administrative diagnostic (Decree of 13th December 2004, section 2921)
  • Installed cooling equipment evaluation, supply water analysis
  • Methodical risk analysis (MRA)
  • Production analysis, associated water consumption, treatment ecotoxicity
  • Operating optimisation, conformity
Supply of the most suitable equipment
  • Filtration, softening, demineralisation, reverse osmosis, dosage units, etc.
Treatment product Supply
  • A range of products with specific actions to treat tower water. Anti-corrosion, anti-limescale, dispersal: MBT25, AT8440, AT8441
  • Algaecide, bactericide, fungicide: ALG50, ALG200, ALG600, ALG800 (Legionnaires' disease Preventive)
  • Biodispersal: BD5260

Treatment Monitoring

  • Supply of the analysis equipment and products customers need to monitor their treatment.
  • Establishment of the monitoring plan and the maintenance plan
  • Chemical assistance contract: Chemical monitoring by our after sales department
  • Regulatory 'Legionnaires' disease' bacteriological analyses
  • Mechanical cleaning and tower disinfection

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