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Deep Bed Sand Filters



The most efficient and unique designed filtration system for the removal of large quantities of particuate material from water are media filters. To remove debris, algae, sand, and silt from large volumes of water at low pressure loss. Service is minimal for there are no
moving parts. Back-flushing is a quick and efficient method of cleaning.

  • Custom designed, manual or automatic backwash systems.
  • Perfect water distribution with high efficiency filtration.
  • Wide variety range of vessel & size.
  • Complete filtration solutions.
  • Suitable for filtration & water treatment.
  • Media and multi-media deep bed filters.
  • Suitable for various bed types: sand, gravel, anthracite, active carbon, etc

Unique design assures best filtration

  • Vertical tank with top inlet & bottom outlet for maximum filtration bed depth.(side inlet & outlet for also standard request.)
  • Three-way backwash valves to simplify the control system.(two way backwash valves are also standard request.)
  • For pneumatically, hydraulically and electrically control valves are available.
  • Filter body material could be carbon steel, stainless steel, or upon special request.

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