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Deep Wells



Deep wells are used to carry out dewatering, drinking water extraction and remediation of contaminated aquifers. Deep wells are best suited for operation in aquifers with permeability coefficients [kf] from 1x10-2 m/s to 1x10-5 m/s. They are installed by drilling a borehole with a diameter from 324 mm to 2000 mm at depths up to 300 m. Depending on the diameter, the site's geological conditions and the intended depth, the borehole can be sunk using casing drilling or rotary drilling.

The borehole is drilled and then lined with a filter pipe. The annular void around the filter string is filled with gravel. The filter pipe can be made of wound-wire, slotted or bridge-slotted screens made of any of a number of materials.

Groundwater pumping is realized by a multi-stage submersible pump installed in the completed well.

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