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- Model SSP Series - Centrifugal Screw Impeller Sewage Pump



Extremely versatile in its applications, the impeller provides efficient handling of a range of liquids, often highly abrasive or corrosive in nature. It is ideal for: Solids Handling, Pumping Viscous Sludges, Handling Delicate or Low Shear Products.

Unique to all SSP pumps is the ability to handle the above in combination Many applications, like too arduous for other types of centrifugal pumps, but can usually be handled by the SSP screw centrifugal impeller. The impeller comprises a single spiral vane, with large open passages, which makes a long slow turn from the axial inlet to the radial outlet. The design provides optimum hydraulic performance giving;

  • High efficiencies
  • Steep and stable hydraulic curve
  • Non-overloading power curve
  • LowNPSH
  • Non-clog pumping

  • Industrial effluents
  • Raw unscreened sewage
  • Viscous sludges
  • Return activated sludges
  • Drainage/Stomiwater
  • Process Waste

  • Cable
    Poured epoxy totally encapsulate external and internal cable, prevent moisture leaking to the motor in the event of cable damaged.
  • Cooling
    The standard pump is cooled by the pumped liquid. Also the cooling jacket is optional. With internal tube connect pump casing to the jacket, and negative pressure of impeller back side, to inject the pumped liquid into he cooling jacket, circulate and cool the motor.
  • Motor
    High efficiency squirrel cage motor, with thennal sensor fitted, to send signal to control cabinet in the event of over temperature, to shut off the power, protect the motor from burned. Motor power up to 160kw, and various poles, also 50Hz and 60Hz. IP68 protection, H class insulation.
  • Hydraulic
    With screw impeller, pump will efficiently handle the solids of liquid. Also give the high pump efficiency, non-overload of motor, keep low NPSH, and non-clogging operation.
  • Installation
    Pump can be fixed installed with our special designed auto-coupling system, easy installation and dissemble for maintenance and repair. Or it can be free standing by the high foot support for transportable application

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