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Dial Thermometer



Industrial thermometer with Bimetal measuring system Worksstandard page 1.0.

The measuring principle
The temperature measuring is made through a bimetal spring built-in the temperature feeler. The coiled spring consists of two firmly fixed metals with different coefficient of expansion.
A change in temperature leads to a torsion of the bimetal coiled spring, the pointer axis, and pointer.
See ill.1 and ill.2 The bimetal measuring system is artificially aged in a special process to ensure a proper measuring reaction for a long time.

Technical recommendations
Measuring point should be free of any vibration or shocks.
Otherwise we could supply instruments with oil-filling. In that case the range should not exceed 200°C. The measuring range are 100% limit load. One exception is in the range 0+500°C.
The max. continuous temperature allowed is 450°C.

Mounting instruction
Each Thermometer is provided with mounting- and operating instruction. In addition Thermometer with switch will be supplied with working instruction according to EN 61010 part 1.
Fitting the feeler into a pipe, a suitable position with respect to the medium flow should be selected for the feeler, see ill. 3-5.

Pointer adjustment: Display adjustment at instrument pointer is standard, except by limit value switch.
Bayonet-ring case: Nominal size 100 or 160
Grade stainless steel, protection type IP 65
Other case diameter available upon request.
Cover window:
NG 100, general polycarbonat, special execution float glass or security glass.
NG 160, general float glass, special execution security glass or polycarbonat.
Dial: white varnished aluminium, black printed, declination angle 270°, inscription acc. to DIN EN 13190.
Pointer: black anodised aluminium.
Axis bearing: multiple, for perfectly smooth running. below dial, in connection parts and stem, each with additional
Teflon bearing (if temperature range permits).
Joint WN 1001: stainless steel 1.4301, swivel mounted 90°  from the horizontal position.
Feeler: stainless steel 1.4571
∅ 6-0,1 mm maximum length up to 400 mm.
∅ 8-0,1 mm maximum length up to 800 mm.
∅ 10 mm maximum length up to 1200 mm.
Protective sleeve: execution acc. to 16179 / DIN 43763 or acc. to draft DIN 43772 1)
Special grades available e.g. Hastelloy, Inconel, Titanium, special brass.
Surface coating possible.
The thermometers have a examination certificate of TÜV Nord ( TÜV 04 ATEX 2685 X ).
II 2 G D without fixtures or
II 2 G IIC TX and / or II 2 D TX°C
Subject to alteration, even of technical kind. 03/06
Certified to DIN EN ISO 9001

General Info:

  • nominal size 100 and 160 mm
  • protection type IP65
  • for the chemical industry and general engineering
  • and construction available
  • in adjustable angle-, horizontal-, vertical execution
  • measuring range -200 up to +600 °C
  • with value switch
  • multifunctinal relay
  • ATEX admission (on request)
  • protective sleeves as structure group 40

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