Disab Vacuum Technology

- Semi-Mobile, Electrical Powered, Small Forklift Handled Vacuum Unit



This is a semi-mobile, electrical powered, small forklift handled vacuum unit suitable for medium vacuum duties. It is easily maneuvered using a standard forklift truck or crane. It is equipped with a self-tipping bin for easy discharge. Suitable for cleaning and bulk suction in any industrial application that requires flexibility, mobility, reliability, and low noise level.

The SkipVac suction unit meets the high demands from the industry due to its efficiency, reliability, ease of operation and maintenance giving excellent value for money.

The SkipVac is a powerful and compact suction unit, designed for suction of material and dust in industrial environments where the demands for efficient and reliable equipment are high. The unit is handled by a fork lift and powered by electric supply.

  • Rigid design for industrial use
  • Large built-in dustbin
  • Filter system which can handle dry and wet material
  • Self-tipping bin for easy discharge
  • Filter cleaning without compressed air
  • Low noise level
  • 32 Amps electrical plug connection
  • No dust valves or other moving parts involved, securing high availability factor and low maintenance costs.

One of the most important problems to solve when planning a cleaning system is the handling of the collected dust and material. In order not to create new problems with dust and heavy lifting work in the premises, the optimal solution is to use the company’s existing handling systems for the transportation and discharging of the collected dust. A fork lift is normally available in all industrial companies which is why the SkipVacunit is a flexible choice.

The high suction capacity together with the large collecting capacity makes the unit very useful in most vacuum cleaning situations. Due to its flexibility the unit gets access to most areas where cleaning needs to be carried out without the use of fixed pipe networks or long hoses.

The vacuumed material is first separated in a specially designed fall-chamber. In this section the particles are guided and will also fall by gravity to the bottom of the container. From this section the air will be transported to the main filter section where any remaining dust will be separated.

As an option, the unit can be delivered with a built-in pneumatic jack for fixed installation.

For general cleaning and bulk suction in any industrial application where high capacity is required together with flexibility, mobility, reliability and low noise level.

Manufacturers of Cement, Lime, Gypsum, Tiles, Concrete, Chemicals, Plastics, Fertilizer and Alumina. Foundries, Steel mills, Pulp-and Paper Industry, Quarries, Bakeries, Work Shops ...

  • Vacuum pump: Side channel blower
  • Max vacuum, mbar: 290
  • Max overpressure, mbar: N/A
  • Air volume m3/h (unloaded): 1100
  • Operation speed (rpm): 2 975
  • Power: 13
  • Voltage Frequency, V/Hz: 400/50
  • Tank volume (m3)*: 1
  • Total tank volume: 1,5m3
  • Power source: Electric
  • Engine type: N/A
  • Tank material:
  • Tank tipping: N/A
  • Main filter system (m2): N/A
  • Safety filter surface(m2): N/A
  • Cooling air:
  • Atex: N/A

Weight and Dimensions**

  • Complete unit (including chassis): 910kg
  • Total unit length including tuck chassis: 1 750mm
  • Total width: 1 390mm
  • Height (incl. hose boom): 1 680mm

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