- Model 2098 & 2098H - Silo Unloader Reclaim System



Based on Laidig's decades of unequaled experience in track-driven reclaim systems, the 2098 and 2198 are the next generation of automated high-delivery reclaim combined with high-volume vertical storage. The dome system is available in reinforced concrete structures of up to 150’ in diameter x 90’ high that can provide up to 1,000,000 CF of usable storage. Alternatively, the dome system can be provided with Laidig’s concrete “super-silos”. Super silos are available up to 150’ in diameter by 100’ high (material height), and provide up to 1,000,000 CF in a single silo.

Laidig’s extra-heavy-duty Model 2098 reclaim system can yield reclaim rates up to 400 CFM in a wide range of material applications. DOMinator storage and reclaim systems can provide a cost-effective package for relatively-high-volume application – 16,000 MT soybean meal silo!  The Model 2098 DOMinator reclaim system is integrated into specially designed concrete super-silos up to diameters of 150’ with material storage heights up to 100’. These super-silo storage and reclaim systems, initially designed to meet the rigorous demands of processed soybean meal applications, provide cost-effective, fully-automated storage and reclaim for a wide variety of dry bulk materials. A single super-silo can provide up to 1,000,000 CF of usable storage. In soybean meal applications this translates to over 16,000 MT of meal

Laidig specializes in screw-type bottom reclaimers. Laidig reclaimers (with the exception of the Cleansweep and Fluidized Screw systems) are designed to start and operate under full material load. The screw rotates about its own axis augering material toward the center of the silo floor. At the same time, the screw slowly advances, sweeping around the entire silo floor. Material augered to the center of the silo floor, then flows down through a center chute below the floor and into a discharge auger or conveyor for transfer out of the silo and to the next step in the material handling process.

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