Toro Equipment S.L.

- Model FPM Series - Manual Filter Press



Manual filter pres is the simplest model in the Draco range. It features a pump with a manual lever for operating the filter package opening and closing system.

This filter press is provided with the following:

  • Air circuit for blowing the sludge cakes.
  • Drain pot.
  • Flanges that comply with the regulations.


      (1) The FPM is supplied with side shields.
      (2) The FPM is supplied with filtrate collection channel and handles.
      (3) The dimensions and specifications may vary slightly due to the normal development of products by the engineering department or Toro Equipment SL.
      When ordering request the specifications sheet at

On request:

  • Transportation of equipment in treated wooden crates.
  • Palletising and plastification of equipment.
  • Containerisation.