ProMinent GmbH

- Model Flex Control - Peristaltic Metering Pump


Feed rate of 10 ml/h to 30 l/h at up to 7 bar back pressure DULCO flex Control meters gaseous, viscous, abrasive or shear-sensitive media and sets new standards in metering. Linear and reproducible metering is guaranteed with this peristaltic pump under all process conditions. With it's painted design, the tube is easily replaced preventing losses in valuable production down time. The new DULCO flex Control meters reliably and is simple to operate. It enhances the ProMinent product range with an intelligent peristaltic metering pump. ProMinent is making use of its decades-long experience in the metering pump sector to bring together the best of two worlds. Valve-free metering with the accuracy of a diaphragm metering pump, with full use of the properties of a peristaltic pump. The applications of this metering pump include gaseous, high-viscosity, abrasive, shear-sensitive or chemically aggressive fluids.