Dustex Corporation

- Acid Gas Scrubbing & Mercury Filter Systems


Dustex provides a variety of solutions for hazardous air pollutant controls in conjunction with their fabric filter systems.

  • Continuous activated carbon injection systems utilizing a proprietary Dustex injection grid to maximize distribution.
  • Loss in weight feeding technology is utilized for maximizing injection accuracy.
  • Volumetric feeding technology for applications where capital cost is paramount to the client.
  • Dustex has integrated computational fluid dynamic modeling for maximizing distribution & minimizing high velocity streamlining which is the typical problem most existing technologies incur.
  • Dustex provides sulfur based compound scrubbing & HCL scrubbing systems for coal fired industries. These injection systems offer both a “once through” approach for low efficiency systems as well as a medium & high rate “recycle system” with a fluidized column reaction chamber for high efficiency systems.
  • Additional equipment may be provided for the optimization of scrubbing efficiency which may involve dilution of the gas stream, heat exchanger technologies & spray cooling of the gas stream.
  • Boric acid control systems have also been designed to minimize boric acid emissions & maximizing the life of air pollution control equipment in Borosilica furnaces which are prevalent in the glass making process.

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