- Device for Structure Analysis of Carbon Fibers



The EddyCus CF map (former MPECS) is designed to create high resolution conductivity mappings and impedance analysis for quality control of various materials and structures. An optimized system for testing of carbon fiber materials is provided with specially designed sensors, software modules and test recipes. The system, developed by Fraunhofer IZFP Dresden measures with 4 frequencies per run, where each frequency obtains different information from different layers. The system is suitable for the detection of impacts, fiber orientation, assessment of fiber bundle distribution, gaps and spacing, misalignment, undulations and waves. The system is delivered with measurement recipes adapted to the test material and testing task.

Examination of the following defects and effects

  • Fiber orientation (even in hidden layers)
  • Assessment of the fiber bundle distribution
  • Impacts, fractures and cracks
  • Delaminations
  • Lanes and suspensions
  • Undulations, waves and fish eyes
  • Variations in the thickness of the CFRP structure, and offset between layers

The use of sensor-adjusted parameter sets for specific testing tasks and materials enables the detection of certain local defects in different layers. Some examples are shown below.


  • EddyCus CF map* 2020/4040/6060 (4040 depicted above)
  • EddyCus CF map 2.5D
  • EddyCus CF inline (5-8m/min, stackable arrays)
  • EddyCus CF rob (5 axes)

The testing system customized according geometries, flexibility and speed is available on request.


  • Contact-free or slight contact
  • Real-time display of results
  • Speed up to 300 mm/sec.
  • Automatic evaluation with color coding and extensive filtering capabilities
  • Data archiving

Eddy Current Parameters

  • Wide frequency range (10 kHz bis 15/50/100 MHz)
  • Sample rate: 50.000 sample/sec.
  • Scan with 4 Frequencies per run
  • Up to 256 frequencies for evaluation processes

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