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- Model OMY - Wastewater Samplers



You can find Efconomy wastewater samplers on standard wastewater treatment plant (WWTP) applications. Independant functioning or as a slave to a master PLC (Programmable Logic Controller). Efconomy wastewater samplers are standard equiped with a Unitronics Jazz or a Unitronics Vision 130 controller. The Jazz features all standard applications and can be prepared for BUS-systems. The Vision is used for customised applications and can be adjusted for ethernet, data logging, open channel flowmeter, pumpcontrol and more.

  • Top quality wastewater samplers
  • Designed with minimum amount of vulnerable parts
  • Wide range of sampling principles according EN 16479, EN ISO 5667 and NEN 6600-1
  • Patented, extremely robust, chemical resistent and stable thermoplastic enclosure
  • Superb cooler performance (2 to 5°C) according EN 16479, EN ISO 5667-3 and NEN 6600-1
  • Purpose build for harsh environment (4 year enclosure warrantee)
  • Use of 24 VDC standard components for safe use & easy worldwide service support

  • When installed according to the installation manual:
  • Thermoplastic enclosure - 4 year
  • 24 months / not including wear- and tear parts
  • Delivery time: normal stock item, please contact your dealer

Cost effective sampling solutions for standard applications

Dual Wall Thermoplastic Enclosure

Working area
Heater (- 25°C to 0 °C), Cooler (0°C to +40°C)

Sample Storage temp.
2-5°C Acc. ISO 5667-3

Superior Refrigeration Unit

  • Condenser section with airflow
  • Coating on cooler section
  • SS316 evaporator
  • 2°-5°C acc. ISO 5667-3, NEN 6600-1 and EN 16479
  • R134A

PUR 40 – 60 mm foamed

Dimensions WxDxH
± 600 x 600 x 1100 mm

Empty Weight
± 55 Kg

Unitronics Jazz or Unitronics Vision 130 controller (PDF)

60 mm Door with Reinforcement Frame

  • Process window (PC material)
  • Pull In & PADLOCK Door 

5 Possible Sampling Techniques
According ISO 5667 (NEN 6600-1 and EN 16479)

1x 20-60 Ltr / 2x25 Ltr / 4x15 Ltr / 8x6 Ltr / 12x2 Ltr / 24x1 Ltr

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