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- Model M16-2 - ACSR Cable Shear



If processing ACSR Cable or similar type of cable, the ACSR Shear (M16-2) provides a safe and efficient means of reducing long cable lengths in seconds.. It is simple to load, to operate and to maintain.  The ACSR Shear M16-2 offers a very useful and economic way of preparing solid cables for granulation in a granulation system.

* Aluminium Cable Steel Reinforced

The principle of operation of the shear is a flying knife and a static knife. During every revolution the flying knife passes the static knife and creates a scissors action, which cuts through any cable that overhangs the static knife. The flying knife operates at a constant speed of 400 rpm, which means that the speed of the cutting measured in meters per minute is determined by the feed rate of the cable through the hydraulic feed rollers.

The Eldan ACSR* Shear is a reliable Shear designed for size reduction (into 10-150 mm pieces) and separation of:

  • ACSR Cable

  • The machine consists of a feeding system and a cutting unit
  • Easy feeding
  • The feeding system consists of a machine frame in which 2 adjustable feed rollers are mounted
  • Operates with one flying and one static knife
  • The flying knife operates at a constant speed, i.e. the cutting length is determined by the feed rate of the cable
  • Safe and simple to operate
  • Easy maintenance means low maintenance costs
  • Little downtime
  • To prevent aluminium from melting and sticking to the knives, the machine is equipped with a cooling water system to keep the cable and knives constantly moist
  • It is possible to install an outlet conveyor fitted with overband magnet in connection with the ACSR Shear to ensure separation of the steel from the aluminium

Standard voltage: 3 ph, 400 V, 50 Hz*** - For other voltages please contact our sales department
* Max. diameter will depend on the content and hardness of the steel cores

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