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- Model SC1412/160, SC2109/250 & SC2118/250 - Super Chopper



The ELDAN Super Choppers are heavy duty pre-choppers designed as first step in any recycling process. The Super Choppers can be used for pre-chopping of most materials like tyres (without prior debeading), all types of aluminium scrap, cables, electronic and electrical waste (i.e. WEEE), refrigerators, municipal solid waste (i.e. MSW), wind mill wings (cut-off), plastics and industrial waste.

A low speed and high torque makes the Super Chopper suitable for processing of tough materials. It is powered directly by Hägglund hydraulic motor and power unit enabling automatic reverse for overload protection thus minimizing knife damages. Adjustable knife clearance optimize the cut function. The knives can be reground multiple times on a “flat-bed” grinder ensuring long life and low operation costs. Unique rotor manufactured and designed for minimum wear.

It is also possible to get the Super Chopper as twin rotor (SC-II) as well as heavy duty (SC-HD) version.

Standard voltage: 3 ph, 400 V, 50 Hz - for other voltages please contact our sales department
* Other motor options available on request
** Depending on type of input material and method of feeding

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