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- Factory Direct Centrifugal Separators


The Electric H2O Centrifugal Separator uses centrifugal force to separate suspended particles from the water. Concentrated particles are forced along the separator wall, traveling downward to the collection chamber, while the clean fluid is forced to change direction by the redirection plate. The vortex breaker allows the particles to settle in the collection chamber. Particles concentrated in the collection chamber are periodically purged or continuously bled from the separator as required by each application. Our Separator will remove 98% of particles greater than 40 microns and with a specific gravity of 1.8 or greater.

Separators for…

  • Heat Exchangers, Spray Nozzles and Pumps
  • Cooling Tower Water
  • Plant Influent Process Water
  • Recycling of Solvents
  • Machine Coolants

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