Elgin Separation Solutions

- Model CSI-D4 - Vertical Cuttings Dryer



Elgin’s CSI-D4™ VCD is the world’s first, and patented, dual-drive dryer. This technology allows operators the ability to adjust the performance of the dryer based on the nature of the solids that are being fed to it. Using a combination of proprietary gear boxes, operators can adjust both the applied G-force and the dwell time between the scraper flites and the screen. This technology allows the CSI-D4™ to be used in both oil-based and water-based drilling fluid environments.

  • Designed to reduce drill cuttings moisture on waste solids by 90%.
  • Recover thousands of gallons of drilling fluid and water that would normally have been disposed of with the waste drill cuttings.
  • Dewatered waste solids dramatically reduce waste disposal trucking fees.
  • Dual-drive technology for either water-based or
    oil-based applications.

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