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- Model ESS-SM-500 - High Efficiency Jet-Shear Mixing Systems



Using our unique history as a provider of performance chemicals, Elgin has developed a line of drilling fluid jet shear systems. Jet shear systems are designed to use hydraulic shear to efficiently mix solids with liquids.  Elgin’s jet shear systems ensure efficient mixing of soluble polymers and bentonite used in water-based drilling fluids, therefore, eliminating “fish eyes.” Drilling fluid yield and gel strength properties are instantly obtained with hydraulic shearing of bentonite or organophilic clays.

Elgin provides several corrosion-resistant valve, hopper, and plumbing options. All units are fitted with pressure gauges and high-pressure ball valves for chemical injection. The hopper incorporates a bentonite loading bench and butterfly valve to enhance ergonomic addition of dry product.
The addition of liquid additives is made easy with the incorporation of an injection port into the jet pump. This port is capable of handling liquid additives, such as: lubricants, polyacrylamides, and oil-wetting emulsifiers. By incorporating an in-line static mixer, the operator is given the choice of imparting low shear into the drilling mud. By simply adjusting the valve arrangement, operators can chose to either bypass all shear, or impart low or high shear. The fluid flow goes directly through the high-shear line, the fluid flow is directed through a dual-head high-shear mixer that splits the fluid flow and then forces the two fluid streams to shear against themselves when reintroduced. When the appropriate level of mixing is imparted into the drilling mud, polymers are efficiently used, therefore lowering additive costs.
Though each Elgin system is fully capable of ensuring homogenous drilling mud, the greatest value is Elgin’s in-house engineering team with the ability to meet each customer’s needs through system customization. As needed to meet specific customer needs, custom hoppers, chemical injection systems, and operator control systems can be provided. All systems are designed to be fully compliant with ISO 9001 and European CE Machinery Directive standards.

  • Mixing Capacity : 507 gpm (32 Ips) - High Shear 1.014 gpm (64 Ips) - Low Shear
  • Hopper Size : 6' (152 mm)
  • Centrifugal Pump Size : 75 hp 6' (152 mm) x 5' (127 mm) x 14' (356 mm) - Sold Separately
  • Shear Line Size : 8' (203 mm) - High Shear 8' (203 mm) - Low Shear
  • Skid Dimensions : l4r(3.6m)Lx43'(l.lm)W x 67' (1.7m) H
  • Weight : 1.800 lb (816 kg)

  • Robust construction with integrated venturi mixer and shelf to ensure ergonomic handling of bags.
  • Multiple liquid injection ports are provided to enhance mud properties.
  • Double elliptical nozzles are set at opposing angles therefore forcing fluid streams to fold upon themselves.
  • Valve isolated mud bypass lines allows operators to bypass the low shear line with built in static in-line mixer.

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