- Model TAF35 - Versatile Trucked Vehicle



The TAF35 is a versatile tracked vehicle designed for firefighting. The extinguishing turbine has been mounted on a compact crawler vehicle. The turbine is fitted with a nozzle ring which atomizes water and extinguishing foam to form fine particulate matter. This water or water/foam particulate matter is distributed by a propeller. The spray action is variable, ranging from a mist which spreads over a wide area to a water jet with a remarkable projection range. Thanks to the integrated lifting function and the adjustable angle of incline, the extinguishing agent can be distributed over a wide area, and changes in wind direction can be immediately compensated.

The particulate matter is more efficient at fighting fire and has a much higher cooling capacity than conventional systems. Click here for more information on the effects and advantages.

The TAF35 can be operated by remote control. Therefore, there is no longer any need for the firefighting crew to enter the immediate danger zone. If there is a fire inside a tunnel, for example, the firefighting vehicle is sent on ahead and the crew follows behind at a safe distance.

On account of these features, and thanks to its compact body with steel tracks, this vehicle can be used to fight fires of all kinds. Typical applications include fires in tunnels, the chemical industry, refineries, forest fires and even city centers.

  • Speed : Proportional control from 0 to 9 km/h, 2 gears
  • Length : 3.100 mm
  • Heigth (turbine lowered, 0°) : 2.150 mm
  • Height (turbine raised, 50°) : 4.280 mm
  • Width : 1.614 mm
  • Weight : 3.850 kg
  • Motor : 65 h.p., water-cooled
  • Diesel tank : 75 l
  • Autonomous operation at full load : 5-7 h
  • Gradient (max.) : 58% (30°)
  • Noise level (LpA at 10 m safety clearance) : 84 dB (A)
  • Remote control : max 500 m, with graphic display and lighting, all functions with remote control facility
  • Work lamps : 4 work lamps on the vehicle, 2 spotlights on the turbine, 2 red tail lamps, 2 warning lights
  • Pulling force : 3.800 daN (3,8 t)

  • Power : Continued regulable by funk, from 0 to 25 kW
  • Hydraulic / Movement : Proportional controllable
  • Water flow : at 12 bar
  • Configuration for fine water mist : from 0 to 1.500 l/min
  • Configuration for high water flow : from 0 to 3.500 l/min
  • Titting angle : -20° bis 50°
  • Lifting gear : until 4 m
  • Water connection : 4 x Storz B with prefilter

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