- Model V12 - Dust Abatement Sprayers



The V12 is an all-purpose, powerful and environmentally-friendly dust-control solution. With its 52° tilt angle and 360° pivoting angle, the high-performance turbine is geared up for the widest possible operating range. Special nozzles with a ceramic insert generate a fine mist which is highly effective at binding the dust particles at source. State-of-the-art valve technology and an optional second nozzle ring guarantee efficient water useage. Various add-on options make the V12 a universal dust-control system. The machine is easy to operate by remote control, via a touch panel on the electric cabinet or a software application. Opencast mines, demolition sites and recycling plants are typical fields of application for the V12.

  • Length excl. steering assembly (on undercarriage) : 1715 mm
  • Length incl. steering assembly (on undercarriage) : 2250 mm
  • Width excl. wheels (on undercarriage) : 1430 mm
  • Width incl. wheels (on undercarriage) : 1820 mm
  • Height excl. wheels (on undercarriage) : 2080 mm
  • Height incl. wheels (on undercarriage) : 2250 mm
  • Length (on fixed underframe) : 1310 mm
  • Width (on fixed underframe) : 1000 mm
  • Height (on fixed underframe) : 2100 mm
  • Weight on undercarriage excl./incl. front wheel : 540/580 kg
  • Weight on underframe : 470 kg
  • Weight of machine only : 420 kg
  • Max. rotation angle : 360°
  • Turbine incline : 0° - 52°

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