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- Biofilters - The Medium Level Odour Control Solution



Used as a stand-alone package, or in combination as part of a DryCat system, ERG's biofilter provides trouble-free odour control for small to medium sized sewage treatment plants. Filled with either calcified woodchip or peat and heather, all from renewable sources, ERG’s biofilters have been refined and optimised over the years to offer outstanding value for money and simple operation. They require no storage of chemicals on site and need only a water or filtered final effluent supply and a drain connection.

Specially selected bacteria colonize the substrate media within the biofilter housing and there digest the odour-causing compounds, which typically include H2S, mercaptans, organic sulphides and ammonia.The optimised environment for bacterial activity is maintained by regular, controlled irrigation.

Designed and built to BS4994 and fully compliant with WIMES 8.05, ERG’s biofilter systems offer assured performance and competitive costing.

All our systems are custom-designed for the odour control duty required, and include a biofilter housing and irrigation system, biomedia, air extraction fan and ductwork, and electrical control panel.

  • Removal efficiencies of >98% for H2S and >95% for other odours.
  • Capable of treating gas flows from 200m3/hr up to 20,000m3/hr.
  • Compact, neat rectangular modular design manufactured from GRP.
  • Easily controllable spray system for optimal bio-media humidification.
  • Robust fully enclosed housing capable of withstanding up to 4000Pa negative pressure if necessary. Easy to remove roof for maintenance or media change.
  • Up-gradeable performance by addition of CIF pretreatment or carbon filter polishing.
  • Inexpensive bio-media with proven longevity.
  • Filter housing can be supplied in any colour.

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