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- Advanced Oxidation Systems


ESCO International has, through intensive research and site trials, developed a unique advanced oxidation process, the CATADOX. The CATADOX process combines treatment by ozone, UV, hydrogen peroxide and when required a proprietary solid state catalyst. The CATADOX performs excellently in challenging applications such as micro-pollutant oxidation, non-biodegradable COD removal, enhanced TOC reduction, VOCs abatement, toxicity reduction.

The CATADOX enables the industry to meet the ever-tightening environmental standards for wastewaters and industrial gases. The process offers substantial capital and operating cost savings when compared to conventional processes. The CATADOX  is the most reliable and clean process available to meet stringent standards without creating wastes or further treatment.

  • Allows experimentation with different loadings
  • Demonstrates effluent treatability
  • Enable you to conduct trials on your own site with the actual effluent to be treated
  • Establishes precise design parameters
  • Accurately predicts capital & operating costs

  • On-site destruction treatment technology
  • No phase transfer required, thereby eliminating secondary handling
  • Efficient against a wide range of contaminants VOCs, PAHs, PCBs, TOC & COD,IPA, TMAH, NMP, DMSO, Glycols, EDCs (Endocrine disrupting compounds), PPCPs (Pharmaceuticals & Personal Care Products), API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients), Alcohols, Ethers, MTBE, Urea, and many other refractory organic contaminants.
  • Low maintenance and operating requirements
  • Quiet and unobtrusive equipment
  • Safe and environmentally friendly

  • Ozone generation system
  • Ozone and hydrogen peroxide injection system
  • Catalyst system
  • UV Oxidation system
  • Residual ozone destruction system
  • Ozone monitors
  • pH correction
  • Oxygen generator
  • dry air unit
  • Containerised systems
  • design & engineering support
  • applications consulting
  • equipment servicing
  • laboratory testing
  • pilot testing

  • Advanced oxidation pilot units
  • Industrial skid packages  O3/H2O2, UV/O3, UV/H2O2, UV/O3/H2O2, CATADOX
  • Custom-designed advanced oxidation and ozone systems

If you are thinking of installing on-site advanced oxidation plant for wastewater reclaim, it is sometimes necessary to carry out pilot studies to ensure that the correct design criteria are used for the full scale plant.

ESCO International recommends that the pilot plant evaluation work is carried out for at least one week.

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