ESCO International (EI)

- Ultraviolet Treatment (UV) Systems


ESCO International can provide a wide selection of low pressure and medium pressure UV Systems. Flow rates from 1 m3/h to 3000 m3/h as standard. Amalgam lamp UV series. Inline Medium Pressure UV systems. Inline medium pressure UV systems with standard manual wipers. UV monitoring & PLC control. Optional Automatic cleaning systems. Optional Chemical cleaning systems. Stainless Steel 304, 316L with special anti-corrosion coating. Custom-designed UV systems.

Where are UV Systems Used?

  • Drinking water supplies
  • Industrial & municipal wastewater.
  • UPW, process water, electronic
  • Pharmaceutical industries
  • Power industries
  • Biotechnology, Biological fluids sterilisation
  • Water reclaim/reuse/recycling.
  • Mineral water and beverage industries, swimming pools, cooling water systems
  • Mobile home parks
  • Camp grounds, Hunting lodges
  • Ski resorts, hotels, houses
  • Hospitals, schools, nursing homes
  • Community centres, sports clubs
  • Offices, cottages, farms
  • Public buildings
  • Mobile units, boats

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